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Scientific Solutions: Analytical Services

CHEMIR’s analytical services are at the core of our scientific solutions.   For over 50 years CHEMIR’s scientists have been solving difficult industrial and commercial issues through analytical chemistry.

Why would a company need an outside lab to assist with chemical analysis? Below please find some common requests from a variety of industries:

  • Identify complex additives in various product typesChemical analysis flasks
  • Verify a chemical composition
  • Investigate the cause or causes of failure
  • Assist in determining the source of chemical contamination
  • Understand the chemical "recipe" of a product
  • Perform comparison tests between products
  • Reverse engineer (deformulate) a competitor's product
  • Perform analysis in support of litigation

Our unique approach applies multiple methods of chemical analysis and state-of-the-art instrumentation to help clients understand a product's chemistry. 

Utilizing these techniques we can separate, identify and quantify chemical components of a material. More importantly, our expert scientists interpret and effectively communicate the resulting data for real solutions that make a difference to our client’s bottom line and business success. 

Chemir scientists take a customized, client-centered approach to chemical identification, deformulation and materials testing. Results from testing materials in our analytical laboratory have helped resolve product issues, supported product development programs and provided data to support or defend legal cases.

For over 50 years Chemir has offered these investigative analytical chemistry services: