VOC Testing per EPA Method 24

Chemir has over 25 years of experience providing VOC analysis per EPA method 24. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are emitted as gases from industrial and consumer coatings products. Both industry and government standards strive to reduce environmental and human exposure to these harmful compounds.

Experienced in VOC testingWhy Test for VOCs?
Our VOC testing lab can quantify the levels of your product to comply with government and industry standards for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Some clients submit finished products for evaluation, while others submit raw materials or additives to be used for future products. Customers may also be seeking independent verification for marketing claims of a low VOC paint or coating product.

VOC Analysis
We have analyzed hundreds of samples for VOCs. Our scientific staff is experienced in analyzing water based samples, solvent based samples and exempt solvent samples. We understand that different samples require different approaches and we never make assumptions about results. We go beyond simply reporting data, by verifying the results to ensure our clients are receiving reliable answers.

Frequently Asked Questions About  EPA 24 Testing

Q: How much does it cost?

A. Please contact us at 800-659-7659 or request a quote online for your VOC testing project

Q: How much sample volume should I send?

A. We typically require 20-50 mL of materials for VOC testing

Q. What packaging materials should I use to ship the sample?

A. Since most EPA 24 requests are coating-related, many clients submit samples in metal containers.  

Article Regarding EPA Method 24:

Sources of Error in VOC Determination via EPA Method 24

by Daniel J. Mania, Michele L. Bruck, Sarah Fezzey, F. Louis Floyd

Since the creation of EPA Method 24 in 1984, the coatings industry has had a standard test by which to measure volatile organic content (VOC) in paint, as opposed to relying on calculated "theoretical" or "formulation" VOC. The test method to determine a paint's VOC has three component ASTM tests...READ MORE


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