Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Unknown contaminants in a drug product?
  • In need of equivalency testing of a generic pharmaceutical?
  • Need to deformulate (reverse engineer) a drug product?
  • Suspected patent infringement?

Chemir provides non-routine analytical testing services to the pharmaceutical industry. Our expert scientists are experienced at designing and performing investigative, problem-solving projects such as drug product deformulation, materials characterization, custom synthesis, contaminant identification or polymer analysis.

Chemir also offers litigation support for issues involving pharmaceutical patent infringement, including expert witness services. Our chemists are experienced in the courtroom and are skilled in explaining technical methods and results in clear and understandable terms.

Our facility is FDA registered, DEA licensed, and is centrally located in suburban St. Louis, Missouri.


Case Study:

Pharmaceutical Contamination
A pharmaceutical company found black specks in their tablet formulation. Routine elemental analysis was inconclusive so they came to Chemir for answers. Solvents were chosen to dissolve the tablet away, leaving only the black contaminant. FT-IR analysis of the isolated contaminant revealed that the black speck was an isoprene rubber. Our client was able to then locate the source, tracing it back to a gasket used in a transfer line.