Materials Identification & Testing Services

Laboratory results from materials identification projects can solve tough challenges.

Materials identification can be used to determine the components of an unknown material, confirm the identity of a suspect material and identify differences in similar materials. An unknown material is often the underlying cause of difficult problems. Our independent lab has developed expertise in identifying and characterizing unknowns through multiple analytical techniques, materials testing and expert interpretations.

Chemir has identified and tested many types of materials found in coatings, plastics, food, consumer products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, additives, adhesives and more. Some of the materials we have tested include:

  • Unknown residues on a surface
  • Unknown particles
  • Unknown organic and inorganic materials
  • Foreign materials
  • Unknown additives or surfactants 

Once we determine the chemical nature of the material, it may become important to gain a better understanding of the composition through material characterization. Armed with this information, Chemir clients are able to:

  • Discern the potential source of the identified material
  • Compare chemistries of two different materials
  • Provide confirmation of the identify of a suspected material
  • Identify a material of a potential competitor or imported product

Material Testing Lab Techniques:

We tackle organic materials testing and identification using FT-IR spectroscopy to determine the chemical family and functional groups through library matching and fundamental spectral interpretation. Testing techniques also include identifying the inorganic components using a SEM equipped with EDS to determine the elemental profile.

Learn more about Chemir's Molecular Spectroscopy Lab

Once the material testing is complete and data is collected, our experienced scientists interpret the laboratory results. They are skilled at effectively communicating information to our clients, providing useful results regarding the unknown material.


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