Chemical Testing Services

  • Why is my chemical product behaving differently?
  • What is in this unknown material?
  • Can you tell me what is in this product?

chemical droppersFor over 50 years, Chemir's laboratory scientists have used investigative chemical testing to solve tough problems.

Companies seek chemical analysis for a wide variety of reasons. Many require routine chemical tests for quality control or quality assurance purposes. Unlike other labs, Chemir's chemical testing services are customized according to each individual project's needs. We use multiple methods of analytical techniques to test chemicals and raw materials.

Chemical manufacturers provide the raw materials that create and enhance formulated products. Our scientists provide analytical and technical support for chemical companies and their industrial clients in such markets as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, coatings, personal care, adhesives, packaging and food/beverage.

Chemir has analyzed chemicals such as:

  • Additives in a plastic film
  • Surfactant from a detergent
  • Active ingredients for a cosmetic
  • Solvent composition of inks
  • Plasticizers in paints
  • Excipients for pharmaceuticals

Chemir Analytical Services' chemical testing capabilities include deformulation, materials identification, contaminant identification and more.

Our analytical techniques for evaluating chemicals include:

Our scientists test chemicals for competitive product analysis, deformulation (reverse engineering), contaminant identification, and comparing "good" vs. "bad" samples.