Fall 2009 Newsletter Dermatologist Develops New Product

Developing a new product is an exciting process, but often aspiring entrepreneurs in the personal care industry need some assistance with the formulation of the product. As a result, Chemir offers skin care formulation assistance to dermatologists, salon and spa professionals.

Dr. Anne Riordan of Wildwood Dermatology came to Chemir with a concept of a product that would fill a need for their patients. The product was a facial skin care gel with unique capabilities and ingredients. Chemir discussed their objectives and vision for the final product, legal aspects (patents) and the manufacturing process.

Dr. Anne Riordan knew several skin care formulations that she preferred, but wanted the product to be in a gel form and include natural ingredients for additional moisturizing properties. Chemir's formulation scientist created three iterations of the formulation for her review. The formula was tweaked to obtain the desired texture, odor and color. Once the personal care formulation was finalized and approved, the lab created bench-scale quantities for 12 week stability tests. After the stability studies were complete, Chemir partnered with a recommended contract packager. With the help of all these partners, a new product, Azfasst, was born.

"Working with Chemir helped me create a unique facial skin care product that can be used on all skin types in both men and women," said Dr. Anne Riordan. "Their organization assisted me from the initial product concept, formulation and manufacturing process. All aspects of the product development were done in a prompt and timely manner. Everyone I worked with was both enthusiastic and professional."


The product is currently available at and through Wildwood Dermatology. The product exfoliates to unclog pores, reduces skin oil, revitalizes sun-damaged skin, and promotes skin health. The feedback from Dr. Riordan's clients has been positive, "My patients love the texture, it dries quickly so it can be used with other facial products such as moisturizer and make-up. People also comment on how it makes their skin tighter, brighter, and smoother."