About Us

About Us

Chemists Investigate Tough ProblemsCHEMIR- a division of Evans Analytical Group is an independent laboratory that helps companies solve difficult problems through customized chemical analysis.

We serve a wide variety of industries by providing analytical, deformulation (reverse engineering), materials identification, failure analysis, chemical testing, polymer analysis, custom synthesis, litigation support and consulting services.

The Chemir advantage brings together our experience, high quality standards and customized approach. We specialize in the difficult and complex analytical projects that call for out of the ordinary approaches. 

Our goal is to become an extension of your research, product development or quality control team. Clients come to Chemir from a broad range of industries and job functions including QA/QC professionals, CEOs and presidents, production managers, start-ups and R&D specialists.

Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified, FDA registered and DEA licensed.

Chemir was founded in 1959 as Chemir/Polytech Laboratories and later became Chemir Analytical Services. The company acquired Industrial Testing Laboratories, an industrial and consumer product testing facility in 2000, and purchased Gateway Chemical Technology (IQsynthesis), a custom synthesis laboratory in 2006.

Recently, CAS-MI Laboratories (EAG Coatings Solutions) moved to Chemir's facility, bringing expertise in formulating and testing paints and coatings. Cyanta (EAG Life Sciences) has also joined our laboratory, with pharmaceutical and medical device testing services.

In 2011 the company was purchased by Evans Analytical Group, a leading, fully integrated laboratory network. The multiple divisions of EAG provide additional services, allowing us to meet a larger range of customer needs across many industries:

Materials Characterization: World leader in microanalytical and surface analysis services for many applications, from semiconductors to medical devices; from solid state lighting to photovoltaic materials.

SEAL Laboratories: Providing failure analysis, solutions to complex engineering problems, and litigation support in the areas of metallurgy, electronics and chemistry

Microelectronics Test and Engineering: Provides electronic testing services to the electronics and communications industries.

ChemEco: Provides analytical chemistry, environmental fate and metabolism services for agrochemicals.

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